Preserving Memories: Options for Memorialising Your Horse's Ashes

Losing a loved one is hard under any circumstances, and those who keep and love animals know that pets are no exception to this.  Horses are intelligent animals, both in the traditional sense and emotionally, and it's absolutely natural to grieve their loss as you would any other member of your family when they're gone.  While this has not always been understood, society is now moving and shifting to understand this loss, and there are now services which can help you preserve and remember your horse in the compassionate and solemn way that they deserve.

Individual Cremation

The first thing you will need to ensure is that you are sending your horse to a crematorium which conducts individual cremations.  It is more expensive than the alternative group cremation, but it both affords your horse the same dignity as you'd offer any family member and ensures that you receive only your own horse's ashes.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you find a place which fulfils this important need.

Urns and Boxes

As with a human cremation, many options are available for the storage of your horse's ashes, dependent on your wishes.  You may wish to have them stored in a temporary holder and scatter the ashes where your horse was kept or a favourite place.  However, there are also many more elaborate options if you prefer to keep and display the ashes.  Consider keeping a lock of hair or a shoe so that it can be stored along with the urn for a more tangible reminder of your horse.

Portable Memories

Many people keep lockets containing photographs of their loved ones.  You could extend this long tradition by keeping a small container of your horse's ashes in a pendant, locket or trinket in order to carry them around with you.  There have even been some examples of tattoos created with ash mixed in with the ink—but this is a very new and experimental thing, and many tattoo artists consider it too risky.  As such, if this is an option you'd like to consider, you'll need to be committed to finding a willing artist, and likely will need to travel to reach them.

This is a difficult time, but take comfort in knowing that there are established services to assist with all the logistics of this process.  It is evidence that many people have felt what you're feeling, and you're not alone in trying to find the right way to say goodbye to your late friend. For more information, contact horse cremation services in your area.