Preserving Memories: Options for Memorialising Your Horse's Ashes

Losing a loved one is hard under any circumstances, and those who keep and love animals know that pets are no exception to this.  Horses are intelligent animals, both in the traditional sense and emotionally, and it’s absolutely natural to grieve their loss as you would any other member of your family when they’re gone.  While this has not always been understood, society is now moving and shifting to understand this loss, and there are now services which can help you preserve and remember your horse in the compassionate and solemn way that they deserve.

Boarding a Dog with Separation Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Even though you might have spent some time looking at various airline policies with regards to bringing your dog with you on a flight, chances are that your pooch is going to have to stay behind when you go on holiday. While your dog is likely to be unsettled at the prospect of having to stay at your chosen boarding kennel, they will quickly get used to their new temporary surroundings⸺almost like it’s their own holiday.